Winter Release 2020

Most of this release is about technical improvements for administrators, that will of course have an impact on how end users utilize the application. Come and have a look at what’s available for you.

IQL Table chart

The IQL chart component has extended its functionality with a new custom chart type: “Table”, which is a simple but powerful xy-grid layout where functions summarize and group the data of an extensive table (just like a pivot table does), to render it as rows and columns. For instance, the data of a large table of Work orders can become a simple matrix of count of these orders by Status per Officers. 28.0 Table chart Note that colors may be customized in combination with the Behavior property, released in our previous version.

Parameter component

It is now possible to add to your forms a component that works as a parameter referring to a type of field that doesn’t store values, useful to be a variable in IQL. For instance, it can be used as input box for free text to search data in connection to the Record filter. This way, it increases usability for work tasks where a lot of searching is done. 28.0 Parameter component

Other improvements

New User administration form

Forget about editing user accounts one by one. This essential form has a total new design, similar to a table where you can see and edit multiple accounts at once, showing or hiding columns with details as you like.

Note: For security reasons, the functionality to generate or change a password is no longer available. From now on, the user can only get a new password by using the Forgot password link in the login page.

28.0 Admin form

New form for messages

E-mails and SMS’s have been merged into a single form with possibility to customize it using standard features like showing or hiding columns of your preference, applying filters to search for logs, etc. 28.0 Message form

Bigger and better files

We have increased the maximum upload file size from 50 Mb to 500 Mb. Besides, if the file is associated to a Media component and it’s other than image or video, it will look according to the extension, e.g., an “.xlsx” file will automatically display an Excel icon and the name of the file below the icon.

Escape key to undo changes

Have you ever made the mistake to enter a value in the wrong field? No worries, all you have to do is to hit Escape on your keyboard to quickly undo that action.

Improvement to Map layer editor

Polylines that are drawn over areas of Map components can now be easily selected to be edited.

Adaptive IQL chart

No matter how much you zoom in and out an IQL chart, it’s going to adapt to the screen size, because the Scale/Stretch fixed edge is supported for this component.

Link component’s flexible caption

Decide whether you want to show the name of the record from the destination form, or a fixed caption instead, when using a Link in Detail and Multi detail sections to open related forms.

Support for linked Drop-down and Relations fields

Detail, Multi detail and Table sections support linked Drop-downs and Relations added from the parent level.

Consecutive number in Repeater form

All new records created in this form will have an automatic consecutive number assigned.

Bugs fixed

  • In combination with the Display fields functionality, Relation fields could not display the value selected in the box.
  • Read-only fields did not change to the background color configured with the Behavior functionality.
  • An error message was displayed when attempting to run the Quick Excel report of a form.
  • Field rights were bypassed by the “Set value and save” and “Save as new” actions for Button and Icon components in rendered forms.
  • Customized Border property was not displayed for Label and Link components.
  • Clicking on a Link component with no action assigned in a Table section, caused an error message.
  • It was not possible to load a form configured with IQL that referred to a drop-down list value that had recently changed.
  • The icon bar of Detail and Multi detail sections seemed displaced to the left of the its border.
  • In the Repeater form, Button and Icon components with “Set value and save” or “Save as new” actions were disabled , together with the Delete icon.
  • The Quick filter of the Selector could not be clicked on Multi-value placeholder.
  • More translations to Swedish were added.
  • Some issues where fixed for the Gantt chart component:
    • A javascript error caused by creating an invalid dependency between two tasks.
    • Difficulty to load the chart after zooming in and out.
    • The Save icon persisted as enabled despite the rights set during configuration.
  • Related to rendered Multi-value field:
    • The messages “Saved” and “Nothing to save” popped up at the same time upon saving a form with changes on this type of field.
    • The Save icon was not active in Maps and Calendars after changes were made on this type of field placed on a Side panel.
    • Some Style properties (such as Align, Background color, etc.) and Tooltip were not working properly for this field.
Data model editor:
  • References between a field and a fixed filter of a form, persisted even if the form was deleted, preventing the deletion of the field in the Data model editor.
  • Fields used in IQL queries in the Behavior of Button components could be deleted in the Data model editor without any warning.
Form designer:
  • The lasso tool failed to select component placed in Side panels.
  • IQL query in Behavior property for Chart’s Y axis did not work.
  • A validation message related to rules configured in Rules editor popped up immediately after the form opened, without even modifying the fields involved in the rule.
  • The login page did not work for the Edge browser.
  • The Unique constraint for fields was bypassed if the value was set via rules and the rule for some reason had a long execution time.

Other changes for administrators

Improvement to IQL chart

The @limitByValue function, introduced last summer, has extended its functionality, taking into consideration not only a single record but the child records in a hierarchal way. This is helpful, for example, if you need to show a chart limited by the Customer order, but displaying a summary of the status of all Works depending on the Customer order selected.

CC and BCC in E-mails

We have enhanced our “Send E-mail” rule action, where recipients can be added to CC and BCC, besides the usual To.

Improvement to configuration of Maps and Calendars

Before, adding a Side panel to these components required some steps to adjust the size of the Detail section inside the panel, but from now on, it fits in an automatic way.

Fields from different tables

In Form designer, Fields panel will show you what table the field selected in the form belongs to.

Inactive checkbox in Rules editor

It is now possible to filter for inactive rules, so you can decide whether or not to keep those which you won’t use.

Improvement to Usage report

Information about if the selected field is used in filters has been added to this report in Data model editor.

Mobile checkbox in User search form

A new checkbox has been added to this form as an additional criterion to look for those users who has been given access to Mobile mode. The resulting list also includes a column with this information, both in the section and in Excel.

Gantt chart’s Save icon

Now the Gantt chart has the possibility to be read-only, by disabling the Save right in Form designer.

Sort the content in Relation and Multi value fields

The Sorting property has been added for fields of type Relation and Multi-value.

GetRecordGroup function in combination with invalid RecordId

The result of using this function with an invalid input will be 0, instead of returning an error message.

currentUserName function

Based on the existing currentUser() function in IQL, the currentUserName has been introduced, so you can use the whole name instead of the userid, as a practical way to run queries.

Standardized Property panel

Regardless of the component selected in Form designer, the Property panel will list those properties that coincide for all in the same order.



Filter parameter

I vinterns release 2020 finns en stor filternyhet, med uttryck som kan användas i flera fält/kolumner/sektioner.

Tidsbesparing kan göras då en söksträng kan användas som filterparameter för flera fält och sektioner.

Mer IQL diagram

IQL Chart

Mer IQL i vinterns release 2020 med en tabellform för sammanräkning och översikt.

Sammanräkningen kan brytas ut på vald serie, eller visas i kolumner enligt angivet IQL-uttryck.

Release Notes