Autumn Release 2017

Autumn Release 2017

Yes, looks do matter, and in this release, there are lots of news including a complete new graphic user interface plus – you can choose your own look and feel.


Check out our new layout where practical tools now are placed at the top bar. Also, find out the first set of themes we offer you to enable you to personalize to your application. 19.0 improved layout

Form appearance

Customize your forms the way you like by setting colors and style to components and content (e.g., background, border color and width, font family and size, etc.). 19.0 form appearance

Calendar component

A new office-like calendar component are available for your forms. Users may view and add appointments of the day, week or month. 19.0 calendar component

Field change history – direct access in forms

A new setting has been added to all forms: "Show history in tooltip". When enabled, hovering over any field in the form, a box will pop-up with information on how the field has changed (i.e., previous value, user who made the change, date and time and the form when/where it was updated). Field change history

Quick navigate icon + keyboard command

At the right side of your application top bar, find the Quick navigate icon, useful to search and open any form in a snap. Optionally, click Ctrl+K to display this tool at any time.

Bugs fixed

  • The Quick Excel report now shows the captions of labels exactly as displayed on the form.
  • Many-to-many relationships can now be configured in Table sections.
  • The list of saved filters in Table sections and Map components (standalone) can now be viewed properly also when section/component covers the screen.
  • When typing decimal separator in criteria for Date field in Record filter (e.g., Arrival date = Equal to TODAY + 1.5 days), the number of days was set to 0 (zero). To prevent this, a limitation to allow only integers has been implemented.
  • In Table sections, the filter per column applied on related fields caused a warning message.
  • The Save action icon on forms appear to be disabled after changes were made.
  • The Date and Date time fields were automatically populated if the user clicked on Next or Previous month.
  • The Media component didn’t work according to the rights specified for the File field linked to the component.
Form designer:
  • When a fixed filter is applied to a Map component, an icon is now displayed at its top right corner.
  • Using the characters “<” and “>” in tags or in field labels caused an error when attempting to open the generated form.
  • No message confirming that a record had been created, saved or deleted was displayed.
  • No data was shown in the form if a Date or Date time field was selected to be displayed in the Record selector, instead of the Record name. This also occured if the Record created/updated time fields (i.e., system defined fields) were included in the configuration of the form.
  • In the Report Wizard, the Table drop-down of the Filter window displayed a list of all tables, instead of listing only the ones added to the report.
  • The title of the new tab or window opened with right-click from the menu, did not show the name of the current form.

Changes for administrators

General Data Protection Regulation

To facilitate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applicable to any business where European Union subjects’ personal information is involved, IS Tools has implemented the following:
  • Possibility to delete user accounts. Accessible within the User administration form.
  • The new form "Read log", lists all occasions sensitive (GDPR) field(s) has been viewed by a user on a form or a report.
  • The Mobile phone number has been added to the User settings form.
General Data Protection Regulation

Fixed filter in Maps

It is now possible to limit the number of markers within a map, by setting a filter via the cogwheel icon at the top right of the selected map component in Form designer.

Send confirmation in Short Message Service (SMS)

  • "Sent (not confirmed)" indicates the delivery from our service supplier to the operator.
  • "Sent" refers to feedback and actual delivery from the operator to the user.

Improvement to Usage report

The "Usage report" icon, located at the top of the Fields section in DME, includes information if a field is in a group or set.

Improvement to Rule Excel report

In the Rules manager form, the report coming from the "Export to Excel" button includes more information for rules where SMS and E-mails are sent, e.g., who the sender is, the recipient and the subject.