Summer Release 2017

Summer Release 2017

We have great news for this summer release.

Advanced filters

Wherever there is a Record filter (form sections on desktop and mobile mode, and Fixed filter in Form designer), look for the button “Advanced” (next to the “Add OR criteria”) to display a box where you can freely type a query, e.g., to filter on related fields, to even sort them, etc. For instance, the picture above filters for records created by the user accessing the form, and whose parent records were updated yesterday. Advanced filters are also available for the API. Look for more examples in our online manual.

Other improvements

Symmetry is the new fashion

All forms created from this release on will have fields with a standard size (except for Note and Checkbox).

User Settings for mobile

There is no need to log in to your application in desktop mode to do changes to your profile anymore. We have implemented the User Settings form for mobile mode so that you can change your password, set your preferred language and update your personal information from your mobile device.

Table section - Create, don’t edit

There are cases where new records need to be added, but existing records should be kept as they are, e.g.: think of a user that has to register new customer requests but shouldn't edit already existing requests. This is now possible to achieve because the Save icon can be separately enabled for the creation and edition actions.

No categorization for single map location

Maps that depend on a form section, i.e., that show only one marker (the active record) will no longer show the Map settings icon originally designed to categorize a bunch of markers based on their characteristics.

Bugs fixed

  • The “Create Excel file with available records in this section of the form” icon (better known as the Quick Excel report) produced a file that failed to include related fields that were part of the form section.
  • In Table sections, unsaved new records and changes to existing records were lost after clicking on a column to sort the data in it, or after applying/clearing a quick filter. A warning message will now remind the user to first save new records and changes before sorting or filtering is done.
  • The saved filter (displayed in the drop-down next to the Record filter icon) that the user applied, stopped being marked as bold after reloading the form.
  • An error occurred when trying to generate the quick Excel report from any form section which had a data table that had any of the following characters in its name: " * / : < > ? \ | Now, those characters will be replaced with underscore (_) to prevent the error.
  • Related to the Map component:
    • Colors for markers were not refreshed when a new categorization was selected.
    • An unexpected message warning for unsaved data popped up at the attempt to navigate away from the map.
    • The Map settings’ vertical scroll bar remained after closing the box in Internet Explorer 11.
    • The Category value list box, displayed on maps via the Map settings icon, has been limited to a certain size to avoid covering the whole area of the map in case long field values are listed.
  • Refreshing or rotating an empty picture in the Image editor (Media component) displayed an error.
Data Model Editor:
  • An error message was displayed if the table about to be loaded via the Open table records icon, contained filters using fields that have been deleted.
  • When creating a field, the text entered into the property “Description” was lost if any of the buttons on the Fields header were clicked.
  • The tooltips “Add to” and “Remove from” of the icons under the “Items in ” column were not translated to Swedish.
Form Designer:
  • The Undo action did not work for changes made to Icon and Map components.
  • The Configuration icon of the Media component remained on the form design area even if the component was deleted.
  • Filtering a field in the Fields panel would also filter the list in the “Select display fields” functionality within the form being configured.
  • The rule function getRecordGroup() could not be validated when using only one parameter and being of Numeric type, like in getRecordGroup(103583). This is now working.
  • The browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer didn't properly display text in bold style in the View news form.
  • The Cancel button of the Switch application selector box caused logging out instead of returning to the origin application.
  • An error message was displayed when any Record name of a report generated in HTML format was clicked.
  • Imports set as Terminated were still displayed as Pending in the Import queue form.
  • The List records operation on the API documentation page showed sometimes the incorrect query method.

Changes for IS Tools administrators

New validations

The Rules editor brings the possibility to configure validations for Drop-down and File fields, e.g., comparison between the values chosen in two drop-downs, and check if a file was uploaded and for instance has a certain extension.

Extended rights for filters

In previous versions of IS Tools, the rights to manage Public filters were basic (i.e., View, Insert, Update and Delete for “Filter” form in Form rights) and applied to both classic and current forms. Now, together with the introduction of Advanced filters, these rights have been refactored in order to allow the administrator to manage Advanced filters and Public filters in both types of forms in a separate way in order to enhance the security of the data.

Same size for fields

You won’t have to worry about modifying the dimensions of fields when configuring a form just to have them look symmetric. They now all have the same standard size. Also, components have had their default sizes redefined.

Table section – Create, don’t edit

The “Show: Create new” property is no longer bound to “Show: Save” in these sections, i.e.: you don’t need to enable both behaviors anymore in order to create and save a new record because the create action will now enable the save action too. This brings users the possibility to add new records, but to prevent them from editing existing records. To set it up, uncheck “Show: Save” in Component properties to make the section’s Save icon unavailable when editing an existing record, but check “Show: Create new”, which will automatically enable the Save icon, for transient records.

Deletion of forms

Many forms can now be deleted at once in the Form designer. Checkboxes are available for selecting multiple forms as once, then simply click on the Delete button.

Control what actions can be performed on your maps

It is now possible to choose between showing or hiding the action icons (Create new, Save, Delete) available on the bottom bar of the Map component, exactly the same way as sections in forms work.

Minor releases

“Result (Show raw)” view in Rules manager

An additional checkbox is available in this form where the rule’s action result can be seen in IQL (IS Tools Query Language), useful to be copied and pasted into other rules (or even into filters), in case the same or a similar action is needed. Also, the raw result is now present in the Export to Excel report.

“getMobilePhone” in Rules wizard

This new function makes it possible to obtain the cellphone number of a certain user (specified, or the one who enters a field value or creates a record, if other functions are nested).

Advanced filters for External tables

These filters can be applied to fields that belong to external tables. Can be custom or fixed (i.e., set on the form or from Form Designer).

Notice of planned future changes

The purpose of this section is to highlight selected planned changes that might have an impact on existing applications and user behavior, well in advance of actual development. The intention is that this should facilitate timely feedback, dialogue and preparations where relevant.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 no longer supported

From the Autumn 2017 release and onwards, Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported, i.e., no quality assurance will be made and no issues will be corrected on our platform for this web browser specifically. This decision is due to that Microsoft has stopped supporting the browser themselves. Microsoft Edge will be supported instead (together with Firefox and Chrome as before).